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ATAMIQ's Partnership programme

ATAMIQ is a B2B platform for environmental transformation of industrial companies, digitizing the procurement and purchasing processes. ATAMIQ portfolio consists of more than 100,000 customized products from 60 different suppliers in 6 different industrial segments. Knowing that sustainability is a must nowadays we believe that professional expertise like ours in the environmental field is more than welcomed from our industrial clients. Together we would like to make the industry greener with bespoke technology implementation – water treatment, sludge management, flood control, biogas systems, cogeneration systems, solar-powered installations, odor treatment, noise reduction and a lot more!

About Partnership programme

Our partnership programme aims to show B2B clients how technologies are changing. 

Our goal is to develop sustainable partnerships within various industrial fields so that together with ATAMIQ your company can be a brand of innovative technologies with compex industrial equipment, and all that present online with easy customer’s access to your portfolio!
All our partnerships pass through an internal audit and careful market research so you can rely on us for trustworthy feedback about your market business development.

To become part of our approved partnership programme you will be asked to provide technical training to our sales and service engineers. Product and technology training is an essential part of increasing sales capabilities on a regional level and developing marketing strategy plans for brand positioning.

If you want to be together with ATAMIQ through this industrial B2B innovative journey please do not hesitate to contact us!

Sales and service partner

ATAMIQ has its own sales engineering team, whose goal is to offer their clients comprehensive solutions and insure they have the best after sales service as well. All of us experienced mechanical and environmental engineers are dedicated to supplying professional and personalized assistance while choosing the exact product solutions.

Sales leads

ATAMIQ is working closely with our approved suppliers to guarantee satisfaction of the end users, providing technology expertise in a professional and timely manner. Our client database was developed within the past 25 years in the industrial field. This can guarantee increasing sales lead generation only with uploading your technology solutions on our platform!

Brand building

ATAMIQ is closely working with approved suppliers to promote technologies and products above and beyond the standard practices. We use numerous marketing tools to further increase brand awareness, technology exposure and generate more sales leads.

International visibility

When listing your solutions at ATAMIQ B2B platform you have the chance to present your products to purchasing and procurement professionals in the industrial field on an international level. Our large database of buyers will make this partnership a win-win one, allowing technical professionals to find your products with ease via targeted marketing initiatives.


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