Our clients

ATAMIQ brings together an exhaustive portfolio of quality checked industrial
products and equipment sourced from pre-selected suppliers in many different areas.


Industry Areas In Which We Operate

Water & Wastewater

Turn-key services for delivery and installation of valves, actuators and drives, pumping and mixing solutions, pressure management and storage tanks. Technologies and equipment for water and sewerage distribution pipelines, drinking and wastewater treatment plants. Our long-term expertise gives us the opportunity to solve global water problems starting from water losses up to water quality as well as develop connected networks.

Energy & Renewables

ATAMIQ offers unique project execution for energy and renewable industries. Based on our knowledge we offer energy efficient solutions in terms of heat, steam and fluid transfer, biogas and CHP technologies, solar systems and their maintenance. Being our partner we make sure your industry meets the goal towards carbon neutrality.

Oil & Gas

For oil refineries and gas pipelines we provide explosion proof equipment as well as sustainable heat transfer solutions, so that we help our customers to potentially transform their operations. Oil and gas technologies such as monitoring pipelines via connected wi-fi valve actuators, change of heat exchangers and energy efficiency pumps aim to enhance production opportunities.


Civil infrastructure projects in the field of municipal water treatment, landfill and recycling technologies are part of our equipment delivery portfolio. Our aim to meet environmental goals bring us to delivery and installation of wastewater treatment equipment, RO and UF leachate treatment plants, gas flares and gas storage systems, and recycling equipment.

Food & Beverages

ATAMIQ offers a wide portfolio of products and equipment that can improve productivity and decrease plant downtime, being reliable, energy efficient and safe to use. Our solutions can be found from production to processing, from stainless steel valves and fittings, through pumping and mixing technologies up to biogas systems, meeting all the requirements of the industry itself.

Chemical Industry

Our products and flow control solutions prove how innovation and collaboration ensures that the chemical industry makes a difference to global decarbonization goals. All are important components in the steam, gas and green hydrogen production, distribution and usage. Corrosion resistance, robustness and reliability of our technologies add value to the production and supply chain.

Pulp & Paper

Our extensive product portfolio includes products and technologies for the water management and milling secondary processes. High-efficiency pumping equipment, drying and heat transfer technologies as well as separation equipment leads to low operating costs and compact installations, because we know that pressure and temperature is the critical path to successful operations.


Mining industry means harsh conditions and robust technologies. ATAMIQ ensures safe and efficient operation via providing highly reliable and durable equipment. Separation and filtration technologies, flotation equipment, heating and cooling, dewatering solutions are only part of the areas our equipment portfolio is included in.


Textile industry operations require a considerable amount of water and power. Our area of competence and technology preview include ozone generation systems, robust fluid handling equipment, efficient biological and chemical water treatment to safely degrade organic waste and other compounds. Treating waste water in the right way and using energy-efficiency equipment is the key to improving plant sustainability.