The Road So Far: The ATAMIQ Story

More and more businesses are actively digitilizing the industrial sector and seeing the benefits, while the industrial sector is rather lagging behind in this regard. We are in a digital age where consumers, whether they are businesses or end customers, have specific needs, expectations, behavior and consumption patterns..

Digitization of B2B trade in the industrial sector

B2B online trading of industrial products is still in the early stages of development, but this does not mean that the industrial sector does not feel the need for it. Giants such as Amazon Business, Fastenal and Grainger have successfully laid the groundwork for digitization in the niche and are proof that industrial customers still want to shop online. For example, the American Grainger achieves an impressive result – to date, nearly 80% of all orders are made through their digital purchase channels.

At the same time, however, the online industrial equipment market lacks a company that offers a wide range of narrowly specialized products. The main focus of B2B shops falls on the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) sector, which covers the supply of smaller and less specialized equipment, digitilizing the industrial sector . Most of them do not offer additional services (for example, installation) beyond the delivery of the equipment, which cannot fully satisfy user needs and ensure security when purchasing specialized equipment online. There is still no platform that offers a broad product portfolio of complex industrial products and offers comprehensive customer service. But not anymore, because we created ATAMIQ!

Who are we?

The company’s team has more than 25 years of experience in the field of industrial technology, building on what has already been achieved with a new concept of a fully facilitated online platform and enabling businesses to easily and quickly purchase high-tech industrial equipment online.

This experience of ours tells us that consumers need quick access to information – technical and/or price information at any moment of the day. Digitilizing the industrial sector through ATAMIQ, engineers, designers, managers of industrial and construction organizations can very easily navigate the budgeting of a project, as well as find a technical solution for their project needs.

The road here: ATAMIQ in numbers

At its core, ATAMIQ is a B2B online platform for the sale of high-tech equipment, machinery and consumables with various applications in the industrial sector, energy, water supply, water treatment, landfill leachate, as well as recycling and sorting systems. The difference is the fact that we offer a comprehensive service – from the selection of equipment to its delivery, and at the customer’s request, commissioning.

ATAMIQ supply chain

After 1 year and 4 months of hard work, we managed to do:

  • to understand what the user needs are
  • to find proven partners
  • to create a concept for the products
  • to upload 100,000 products from 60 manufacturers in 6 directions
  • to create the first B2B platform in Bulgaria for the sale of complex industrial equipmentоборудване

How will ATAMIQ help you?

After familiarizing yourself with the extensive portfolio available online, our clients will be able to:

  • Compare technical characteristics of products;
  • Submit inquiries online;
  • Receive a personalized offer;
  • They generate an order directly
  • They are reliable in delivery
ATAMIQ supply chain

Each customer receives a personalized profile on the platform with relevant commercial terms included. Through his profile, he has the opportunity to manage his inquiries and orders, as well as to find personalized solutions, thanks to the highly qualified specialists of the relevant industry segment.

ATAMIQ’s challenges and goals

The difficulties we encountered on the way to building the platform were many and of a different nature. One of the main challenges was to convince our partners that it was time for a change and that it was possible to sell this type of equipment online. Although full integration was not possible, we were able to curate the information, which meant a lot of manual labor in creating the products, adding specific features, kilograms, prices, delivery times, etc.

Finding the right technical team to execute the project was central to its success. We had to find technical people who could get into the details, get to know the specifics of the products and understand the need for ATAMIQ. With the platform, we aim to reach businesses from the sectors – construction industry, energy, water treatment, etc., which have started or are about to start an ecological transformation, in line with ESG principles.

A unique advantage of ATAMIQ is the fact that our customers can find much of the equipment they need in one place. Our customers have 24/7 online access not only to products that are not traditionally sold online, but also have full information and technical documentation for them. In the platform, one can check delivery times, compare prices and features of equipment – which is usually hard-to-find information and takes a long time to find and obtain. In addition to this, ATAMIQ enables a personalized user experience, different levels of access to information, sending complex product inquiries and generating personalized offers.

What’s ahead?

At the beginning of April 2022, we showed our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is available to a selected number of participants. It validates our concept and we are now ready to release a beta version of the platform to be available to the mass audience after registration.

ATAMIQ relies on its extensive, constantly updated product catalog and digitized process of order, receipt of offer, delivery and logistics to achieve its success, because through them the company solves a major problem of the industrial sector – the difficult and slow process of purchasing specific equipment. At the same time, the platform does not leave behind the personalized user experience – the option of direct connection with a technical consultant is also available.

As an innovative and fast-growing company, ATAMIQ is digitilizing the industrial sector while introducing new technologies.

The challenges before us are the following:

  • Establishing contacts with reputable manufacturers, carefully selected, according to the development of industrial technologies;
  • Addition of new brands, through a previously performed procedure for approving suppliers;
  • Continuous expansion of the product portfolio;
  • Market introduction of sustainable industrial solutions;
  • Adding more information to products so that our customers can make an informed decision when choosing;
  • Implementation of new functionalities, which will expand the possibilities of working with the platform;
  • Improving design for a better user experience;


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