Arrive with us

At ATAMIQ, we offer you new challenges every day. We have customers contacting us each and every day with complex technical problems and providing solutions to these demands a combination of ingenuity, creativity and passion from our employees. It helps to be entrepreneurial and proactive, too.

Why to choose us?

At ATAMIQ, we bring different expertise together to design the best solutions for our clients. That is why we make sure that all perspectives are represented, valued and considered in the organization. We give our employees the mandate to make decisions, take action and make a difference — allowing us all to grow. While we do hold each other accountable, we believe that responsibility should always come with a huge amount of support.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Supply Chain Manager
Sales Engineer

Open jobs

Here, you will find all vacancies in ATAMIQ’s various markets. Recruitment is done locally, so you will be redirected to the local sites when you click on the listed vacancies.