Reusable inflatable bags

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Reusable inflatable bags are used to stabilize cargo transported by land and sea. They are available in a variety of sizes and types, with the aim of protecting cargo during different types of transport and transport conditions.

Basically, these are sealed polyethylene bags that, when inflated with compressed air, serve as a barrier against shifting loads during transport. Most often, these polyethylene bags are placed in a protective package of woven polypropylene or in some cases - kraft paper.

The bags are placed in the empty space between loads such as pallets, crates, drums and more, then inflated using a pump to a pressure between 2 and 10 psi, depending on the application.

Using inflatable bags to secure cargo saves a lot of money by reducing losses from goods damaged in transit.

Ease of use, light weight and reusability make inflatable bags a very effective means of protecting cargo from damage.